The Millers wedding package design. Includes 'Save the Dates' and wedding invitations. The "Save the Date" is made to be a sporting event ticket, as the couple loves sports. The Section / Row / Seat listed on the ticket is the date for the wedding. The barcode scans and will redirect to the couples wedding website. The wedding invitations are meant to look like a sports magazine. "Northwest Sports" is the name and sports are their game. The "magazine" gives you an insight into the couples story about how/where they met, things that they like to do together, their cats and all of the wedding details and information. The "magazine" features a pullout invitation that allows the guest to remove and place on a fridge/etc to remember the date.
Wedding 'Save the Dates' + Wedding invitations 
Save the Dates made to look like a sporting event ticket. The Section / Row / Seat Number corresponds to the date of the wedding. 
Fully functioning barcode that scans to the couples wedding website.
Save the Dates + Wedding invitations
Close up of cover of "magazine" invitation cover. 
Invitation insert features the wedding invitation that guests could remove from the "magazine" and keep seperately. 
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